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Used Cars In Ksa !!EXCLUSIVE!!

The programme verifies the conformity of Used Vehicles inthe respective exporting countries through a quality inspection prior toshipment. This ensures the vehicles comply with the Technical Regulationsapplicable assuring Saudi citizens of the quality and reliability of the usedvehicles they are purchasing.

used cars in ksa

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There has been a 65% decline in the sales of new cars in 2020 due to the complete lockdown owing to Covid-19. This dip in the sales of new cars continued for more than a year. As the Government imposed restrictions on movements and the economy received a setback, naturally, footfalls in car showrooms dipped.

However, as the virus continued to spread, there was a shift towards owning private automobiles. This gave rise to the used car market as people started looking for affordable cars for daily commute and traveling long distances. Consumers highly value less-aged cars and popular brands with good resale value.

Although, to a great extent, the Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for the surge in the used car market, other financial and economic factors have played their part in accelerating the growth. To counter the financial and economic impact of Covid-19, Saudi Arabia hiked its VAT from 5% to 15%, effective on 1st July 2020. The hike in the VAT implied an inevitable price increase for new automobiles.

Owing to the lockdown, many customers had postponed their decisions of purchasing new automobiles. This decision got further spurred by the announcement of the VAT hike. It has given the necessary impetus to the used car market, which is forecasted to see uninterrupted growth in the coming years. The consumers interested in buying a new car traded their existing car before the price hike during the pre-implementation of the VAT phase. The result: surplus sales of used cars.

Another big customer segment of used car buyers are expats. Often many expats are on short duration contracts with their employers and prefer purchasing a used car rather than shelling out a significant amount for a brand-new one. As a result, the working professionals and expats constitute the major population of used-car buyers.

With domestic and international travel freeze among the expatriate population, there was an enormous supply of used cars from rental companies and expats who left for their home countries sold their cars at low prices. As these cars made their way into the market, the market price for used cars went down for a brief period.

The growth in online platforms to buy and sell used cars has also played its part in incremental increase towards sales of pre-owned cars. To meet the challenge of third-party online channels, many authorized dealerships have increased their online presence. Customers can now have 100% end-to-end transactions without visiting showrooms and at their convenience of sitting at home.

Major independent dealers are leading the way in the used car market, holding a share of 16% of all transactions. Most of these dealers have opened up digital marketplaces to purchase and sell used cars. Digital marketplaces for vehicles like Carzaty, Syara, DubiCars, Motory, and are prominent players in the used car market.

Meanwhile, in comparison to purchasing a car, more shoppers are open to using online websites to sell their cars. There are several online platforms that allow consumers to sell and purchase second-hand vehicles on their own.

In the current situation, customers have postponed the purchase of new car until there is more clarity in the near future. As a result, close to 50% of the buyers have expressed a strong desire to purchase high-quality used cars at a reasonable price. This seems like the most rational decision as consumers are financially vigilant and are looking for affordable vehicle options.

In 2019, almost 20% of the vehicles on road were sold in the used car market. In the next five years, this ratio is likely to increase in favour of used vehicles. Online players will take advantage of this and provide good value for money. As this will lead to expansion of used cars in the market, consumers looking to purchase a car can secure a good deal on these vehicles.

The perception among used car dealers is that Saudis replace their cars every 2 to 4 years, while most of the expatriates change their cars after 4 years an average. However, given the current pandemic scenario, younger Saudis entering the workforce and women being allowed to drive, Saudis are also likely to retain their cars longer and the average age of most second-hand sale is likely to move towards 5 to 6 years.

The resale value of Japanese cars (especially Toyota) is higher than European and American cars, as the market deems that Japanese cars have better performance in Saudi conditions, relatively low cost of ownership, better mileage, and easy availability of spares, and also lower price of spares.

With the surge of used car market, the after component and accessories market is rapidly expanding. Used cars are more likely to require a faster part replacement or failure of other automotive components.

Moreover, add-on services on used cars are driving the growth of the used car market. As automotive groups launch new features, existing car owners are inclined to upgrade their cars with the latest features.

This aftermarket component demand can also create immense potential for OEMs. By entering the used car business, OEMs can open up alternative revenue streams, and also extend their client relationship and brand proposition. OEMs can for instance introduce value-added offers, vehicle certification, and pre plus post purchase inspections.

Vehicle certification is an important factor in building consumer trust in the used car market. Buyers have shown keen interest in purchasing certified used cars. Many independent automobile dealers provide certifications for pre-owned cars with detailed inspection reports available for consumers.

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Japanese used cars are famous all over the world. These cars are exported to many parts of the world. The popularity of these cars is mostly due to the reliability and durability of these cars. These cars offer high quality at a low price.

You need to find a supplier if you want to import Japanese used cars in Saudi Arabia. There are many used cars exporters in Japan who export these cars all over the world. You can get to them and find more information. Many of them have online portals to facilitate their customers. These portals are good to learn about them and their services.

Used cars, buses and other light vehicles older than five years are not allowed in the country. On the other hand, heavy vehicles over 10 years are not allowed. The vehicle should not have a sign of damage or involvement in an accident.

Price My Car has been developed by AlgoDriven to help buyers and sellers accurately price used cars. Learn more about how AlgoDriven helps car dealers, classifieds, banks and insurance companies in the Middle East accurately identify and price used cars.

Price My Car is an independent car pricing and valuation tool for the Middle East. We provide price guidance for used cars in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. is the most reliable platform to sell used cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the most suitable platform to sell used vehicles for every car seller, whether they have any previous experience or not. As a car seller, it can be difficult to find a reliable platform and a fair price to sell a used car. However, if you sell is a safe and reliable platform that offers a simple car selling process. We, at, aim to make it easy, convenient and hassle-free for every car seller to sell their used car at maximum profit. We guarantee a transparent car selling experience and offer around the clock customer support for the convenience of the car sellers. Our car experts thoroughly inspect the physical condition of every used car to ensure that the car sellers get a fair price for the used car. The resale price of a used car is determined on the basis of its make, model, condition, age and a few other basic details. These details make it easy for the car experts to calculate an estimated resale price that is fair and beneficial for the car sellers. 041b061a72


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