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Jim Collison 0:00I am Jim Collison, and this is Gallup's Called to Coach, recorded on August 9, 2022.Jim Collison 0:19Called to Coach is a resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies -- and a lot of strategies today -- to help coaches maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world. If you're listening live, and you don't see the chat room, there's a link right above us there to it. And if you're listening after the fact or to the podcast, you can always send us your questions: Don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app or right down there on YouTube so you never miss an episode. Austin Suellentrop is our host today. Austin is the CliftonStrengths Portfolio Manager here at Gallup, and Austin, always great to have you on Called to Coach. Welcome back!Austin Suellentrop 0:56Thanks, Jim. It's an absolute pleasure to be here today. It's a day, I'm probably, I mean, I get excited for these to begin with. But I'm probably more excited today than I have been for an episode in a really, really long time. So thanks for having me.

cascada i miss you download

Austin Suellentrop 13:15So as we sort of go to the next sort of idea. This is why it happened, what led to this? People are likely going to be asking, Well, what's actually going to happen? Walk us through this, right. And so, Richard, I'm going to sort of take the first stab at sort of laying out the plan here and let you chime in throughout as people ask questions, and so forth. But to the, those of you joining us live, we're going to try and get through as much of this content first as possible. And then we're gonna leave a big chunk of time at, at the end to do the full-on Q&A. We want to make sure we provide you all the information up front we can.Austin Suellentrop 13:51So what can you expect as a subscriber? When we talk about integration with Access, it's going to come in multiple phases. OK. So that first phase of integration with Access, we are going to launch the workbook, the Cascade workbook. It is an Excel workbook, right? And it is going to be present inside of Gallup Access with what the functionalities you're used to from it, right. It's gonna, it's gonna have the same reports; it's going to have the same menu. It's gonna have all that, right. We're gonna, we're gonna have a little bit probably of Gallup branding included in it. We're, our design team is going through, and we're doing reviews of all the content for punctuation and capitalization. And we've actually, Richard, found that there's some things we've updated from an, from an IP perspective in the, in recent months that we've been able to, to pull in and have the latest, greatest content inside there, right?Austin Suellentrop 14:43That's the first phase. That's going to be sort of how we initially launch it. But that's not where we're going to stop. We have, you know, a second, third, fourth, you know, many phases beyond this. The second phase will be where we can have what I call tighter integrations with, with Gallup Access. Think about the ability to with, rather than having to copy and paste data into Cascade, just export the full data you have into Cascade. Click one button and take your results that you have in your portal and go ahead and download a book that's already pre-populated with results, rather than having to copy and paste from the community export or copy and paste from the team's export, as it may be, right. We're gonna work, we're working on that sort of for, for that second phase.Austin Suellentrop 15:32But then third phase and beyond, that's where Richard and I get really excited about, What are the new options we can create? What are the new reports we can, we can, we can have? What are the additional tools you're asking for that Richard's been having on the back burner that he knows he wants to build but hasn't been, either had the capability from an IP perspective or the capacity from the fact that he's one human, right? There's a lot of that. So again, Phase 1 that we're, we'll be talking about timing on here in a little bit, it'll be very much what you're used to. But then Phases 2 and beyond will be where we start getting into some new functions and some, some new, greater convenience.Austin Suellentrop 16:08But probably the most common question I've received in the last week or so, since this announcement's gone public, Richard, is OK, that's great, Austin, but where's Richard going? What's, what's, what's going to happen with Richard? He's the single greatest client support I've ever had. He, he's more hands-on than anybody I've ever met, in terms of providing support. What's going to happen? I want to reinforce -- and I'll let you speak to this, but -- I want to reinforce: Part of this acquisition is we are working with Richard every day. Richard and I have spoken more in the, in the last couple of months through this process than we did for the 3 years prior. And I'm loving it and loving the fact that your support as users will not change in the short term. You're going to have the same channels you use. But that Richard's here to help us, both from ongoing support, as well as helping our teams learn how to, how to provide support. So Richard, if you'll speak a little bit about, about sort of how you're going to be involved and what you, how you sort of, your vision for that.Richard Sterry 17:06Yeah, well, thank you, Austin. Well, certainly, the main, the initial piece is just helping the tech teams at Gallup just to get Cascade in and get it up and running and just making sure it's all working effectively as, as you're used to. So that's the first phase during the sort of transition period until it's actually launched from Gallup Access. And then after that, it's really sort of twofold. One is having sort of a hand in sort of what's going on, on the technical teams and keeping what's going on there with Gallup.Richard Sterry 17:37But also, I still want to keep those connections with the community. Many of you, I recognize a lot, a lot of names in the, in the chat there. We've had Zoom sessions, and we've had nice chats. And we've sort of, it's been really good to share information on that, along that forum. And I would love that to continue. I really want to keep that hand in what's happening with the community and really get an understanding for what's going on, so that then I can feed that back to the tech teams, to say, Hey, this is what's needed. This is how we need to take things forward on that. So really working in two different arenas, but helping to bring people together. Harmony is in my Top 5; I absolutely use that as much as I possibly can and just really want to bring that together, looking for those points of friction. OK, that's not working. Well, How can we make it better?Austin Suellentrop 18:26Yeah, absolutely. And Richard, I think, I want the community to hear this. It's not, you know, when we think about acquiring products and acquiring organizations and things that, that we could do as Gallup, there's a lot of great tools out there, and a lot of great things out there. This doesn't work if there isn't Richard involved. So I want the community to hear this: Like, the acquisition of Cascade works for us because we get Richard with it, in terms of his, his ongoing partnership and his, his commitment to being a part of the community going forward. And his, his involvement -- and you just heard it; I hope you heard it -- is more than just, How do I support Cascade going forward? It's, it's, How do I support the community? And how do I tighten the connection between the coaches and Gallup? Yeah, that will feed work we do with Cascade, without a doubt. But it will feed much more than just Cascade. It will, it will feed a lot of the feedback mechanisms we have, a lot of the listening posts and a lot of the projects we work on.Austin Suellentrop 19:28So again, I want everybody to really hear that from, from us that this is going to work, and it is something we're interested in doing initially because Richard and his commitment to partnering going forward. So I'm very excited about this. I'm gonna, as we, as we sort of take this to the next steps, I want to sort of lay out, this is gonna, this is gonna be where we get into some meat, the meat of the conversation for the, sort of the deep stuff. I'm going to share sort of a matrix of all right, well, How does this impact me? Right?

Austin Suellentrop 20:04So there's really four use cases here. Bottom left here, right. So if you, if you currently do not have a subscription to Access, and you currently do not have a subscription to Cascade, frankly, you're missing out on a ton of functionality, a ton of tools, a ton of resources that could be helping you, right? If you're interested in learning more about either one of those, And we're happy to connect with you and talk. Jim and I have done, you know, hours upon hours of content in recorded form, both on the different subscription tools inside of Access and, as well as, I know Richard, in, through the Releasing Strengths website, has a tremendous amount of content there that can help you understand what Cascade is. Right now, they still exist separately. OK. And so if you fall in that bucket, we'd love to help you learn more, right. I'm sure Jim will help us by throwing some links in the chat room to help with that, right.Austin Suellentrop 21:00If you currently have a Cascade subscription, but you do not have a Gallup Access subscription, right, our team at Gallup will be reaching out to you. And they'll be reaching out to you directly. And they'll talk about what options you have, as part of this, this acquisition, to get set up for a subscription on Access. If you are a current subscriber of Cascade, and you do not have an Access subscription, you will be given one year free of an Access subscription. So that gets you on board, gets you in and gets you set up. We're going to absolutely do that. The Gallup team is, we have an entire team on standby who will begin the outreach for that here, I'd say, probably by the end of the month, that process will be initiated. Look, Richard did a really good job building a business. There's thousands of subscribers, OK, so it's not gonna be like in one week, we, we're able to get in touch with everybody. But that process will begin, OK. In the meantime, if you fall in that, in that, in that bucket, and you want to go ahead and start talking to us, you can absolutely reach out through Richard, the normal channels we have or through And we'll be happy to get that ball rolling for you.Austin Suellentrop 22:15Other categories. Say you do not have a Cascade subscription. You heard about this thing; you think this Cascade tool is fantastic, but you do have a Gallup Access subscription, OK. You don't have to do anything. The Cascade toolkit is going to automatically sort of show up in your, in your toolkit online through the portal in that September-October time frame -- end of the month, we're saying we'll start being able to test it in September, but we'll have it probably ready confidently by October, OK. So it'll just be a new toolkit. It gets launched with the feature updates, and you'll, you'll hear about it through your, our Access newsletters and your, and our release notes on that front.Austin Suellentrop 22:56If you have both; if you're in that segment, which we have a lot, Richard, which has been fun, one of the fun things is looking at how many customers we share, how many clients we share that cross over and have subscriptions to both, then I want to be really clear. Again, nothing will change for you. No action is needed on your end. It will show up automatically, OK. But what we will do is we will make sure that if you have, we have some customers that have, you know, dozens of Cascade subscribers spread out throughout an organization, right. And that what we'll do is we'll make sure that, as it gets turned on for that, that customer's subscription, every member who currently has a subscription, that they get the permissions to be able to see the tool, use the tool, sort of that it's set up for their account appropriately. We'll take care of that on our end, so you don't have to take any action, if you currently have an Access subscription.Austin Suellentrop 23:51But if you're in that, one of those other categories, and you have a, and you're interested in learning more about this, or you don't currently have a subscription, we will be reaching out to you. You can always reach out to us in the short term. That's sort of the, the basics, if you will. But you may have noticed something that I said in this bucket down here around no Access subscription -- that we'll reach out to discuss your options around subscriptions. To this point, we haven't had a whole lot of options, when it comes to subscriptions to Access, right. And you've heard me talk about this infamous coach's subscription to Gallup Access. Many of you have been hounding me, saying Austin, where is this thing? You've been talking about it for years. Like what's going on? Frankly, we were waiting for this to happen. We were waiting to get this across the finish line to provide a new way of offering value to our coaches.


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