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65daysofstatic Destruction Of Small Ideas Rar

So, from very first sounds of this 7-songs EP the answer to my question is obvious: 65daysofstatic aren't post-rock band anymore. For good and bad.I believe classic post-rock became quite boring and even obscure genre in year 2010, its potential was exploited in few years after the genre was born. Few great names,mostly sleeping on their old fame and some not very successful (and often even not very professional) clones - that's all what is post-rock at the end of the first decade.It's not strange many bands are trying to find their new sound (or to find their future ,in other words). 65dos is one of them. With previous album they showed their new direction, with this EP they just confirmed their new choice.Music there is in fact not too much different from "We Were Exploding Anyway" works. Heavily electronic-based sound with even more spacey atmosphere, interesting rhythm structure and in moments almost danceable compositions. Music isn't memorable, but when listening, it sounds really light and pleasant. Possibly, best description for the sound of this EP is mix of techno period Squarepusher and Ozric Tentacles. With quite pleasant, in moments melodic,even relaxed sound.Unhappily, all compositions are similar to each other,and all release sounds more as small collection of band's new direction's demonstration. I am just curious to hear 65dos real new album - will they be able to find their own place in new waters? social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Saturday, November 27, 2010 Review this album Report (Review #336531)

65daysofstatic Destruction Of Small Ideas Rar


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