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Where Do Hotels Buy Their Pillows

Hotels are invested in providing an exceptional sleep experience and hotel pillows are a key ingredient in that formula. So, what pillows do hotels use? Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? Can I buy one? What is the best hotel pillow? These questions (and many more) are often asked by folks who want to replicate that fabulous night of sleep they had in a luxurious hotel.

where do hotels buy their pillows

For those with allergies, the synthetic fill may be the preferred choice, but both are equally comfortable. So, if you are trying to figure out what pillows Marriott uses, then keep reading because we tell you and show you where to buy them.

Choice Hotels features well-known hotel brands like Comfort Inn, Cambria Inn, Quality Inn, Econolodge, Clarion, and more. Despite their notoriety for focusing on the affordable lodging segment their pillows are fairly well regarded.

The Premier Inn Pillows are a custom-made offer for Premier Inn hotels, however, guests can purchase a set of the microfibre pillows for their own homes directly from the Premier Inn Home Store here.

If you are the kind of shopper who always looks for the knock-off or the better deal here are a few hotel quality pillows or hotel-grade pillows that might do the trick. Finding a hotel-like pillow can be just as rewarding as buying an actual hotel pillow itself and it can save you some money! Here are a few ideas on where to locate hotel-type pillows.

Where do hotels get their pillows? Typically, hotels will purchase their pillows in bulk from name-brand pillow companies. Often, the pillow manufacturer will custom make a pillow specifically for that hotel.

What type of pillows do hotels use? It varies by hotelier, but generally speaking, hotels use higher quality pillows designed to provide a memorable sleep experience for their guests. In many cases, guests can purchase the actual pillow itself or a hotel-like pillow.

Use this buying guide to find where to buy a hotel pillow and take that amazing sleep experience home with you. Most hotel chains offer their pillows for sale either via places like Amazon or directly from their own bedding stores.

Can you take hotel pillows? Sure, you can, but you might be charged for the pillow. Maids will report stolen pillows or towels to the front desk who is almost certainly going to charge your bill. Instead of stealing pillows from hotels, you stay in, use our pillow buying guide and purchase one!

Several high-quality bedding companies have partnered with hotel brands to place their pillows into hotel properties. Unsurprisingly, hotels want their guests to have a great sleep experience and so the pillows in hotels are often high quality and durable and in many cases, can be purchased for use at home.

Most hotels buy their towels from the same place where they buy their bedsheets. They buy in bulk from hotel linen suppliers. These suppliers offer them discounts in exchange for large orders. Some of these bulk linen stores include:

Hotels are commercial entities and a good part of their business is based on making sure you have an excellent night's sleep. It's in their interests to search out the best pillows and the best mattresses for their guests. Fortunately, it's possible to recreate this experience at home now that various popular hotel chains such as the Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Sheraton all sell their bedding to customers.

Here, we present 11 different hotel chains that all offer easy access to their bedding. Even better, several of them are also offering discounts on pillows purchases right now, so you can sleep better for even less.

Hilton hotels are classics, one of the first names you think of if asked to name a hotel chain. So you'll be delighted to hear that you can purchase their bedding for yourself from their Hilton To Home storefront. Based in North America, HIlton To Home ships internationally to the UK, as well.

The people behind W Hotels (which offer super fashionable stays complete with amazing swimming pools worldwide) have expanded their range to sell three of its popular sleeping pillows, along with a selection of chic decorative pillows that look comfy in their own right.

But there's a reason why the comfiest pillows are often to be found at hotels, rather than in our homes. Hotel owners and management put a lot of thought (and money) into choosing the best options for their rooms. They want guests to have an excellent night's sleep, to enjoy their hotel experience, and - most importantly - to return for another visit. Having a comfortable pillow is a huge part of that experience, so they spend a lot of time choosing the right ones.

Hotels also wash and replace their pillows far more often than we do at home. When it comes to how often you should change your pillows, experts recommend replacing them at least every one to two years. Hotels, on the other hand, replace their pillows at a much more frequent rate, so it's no surprise that they feel plumper and in better condition than our own. Hotel pillows are generally washed much more often too, so they are fresher and feel crisper.

It's worth noting that if your favorite hotel brand is missing from this list, that not all hotels have exclusive pillows and other bedding for sale. Many brands procure high-quality pillows from top bedding manufacturers and distributors, instead. But you can still purchase directly from those pillow-makers, too. Sferra, for example, provides pillows and bedding for many of the world's most prestigious hotels, including AKA and Rosewood.

Hotel bedding is synonymous with luxury. Since hotels need to accommodate a wide range of needs, preferences, and sleep positions, it should come as no surprise that most hotel pillows are as versatile as they are durable.

The quintessential hotel pillow has mid-range firmness and loft, is allergy-friendly, and resists wear and tear. However, variations on this gold standard are also available to fit different sleep styles. One thing that remains consistent across virtually all hotel pillows is their luxurious feel, which balances plushness and support.

Since hotel pillows are typically both comfortable and long-lasting, they can be an excellent choice for in-home use. Read on to learn more about how hotel pillows are constructed, where to buy them, and how to compare them.

Shape: Pillows vary in shape based on their intended use. There are u-shaped pillows for travel, wedge-shaped pillows to elevate the head or legs, curved pillows for back support, and so many more options. Hotel pillows are designed for use in bed, so they tend to have the standard rectangular shape.

Cover Material: Most hotel pillows use cotton covers in either a percale or a sateen weave. Cotton is popular for its smooth feel and breathability. Some hotel pillows may use lyocell, polyester, rayon, and/or other materials in their covers, all of which can be comfortable depending on their quality and composition.

Temperature Regulation: Most hotel pillows use breathable materials so that they do not retain excessive heat during the night. Down alternative models typically allow the most cooling airflow thanks to their breathable fill. Selecting a pillow with strong temperature regulation may be especially important for those who tend to sleep hot.

This ultimate luxury pillow guide will uncover the science of why hotel pillows are so comfortable and fluffy. Let us take you inside the pillowcase to find out where to buy the best hotel pillow brands.

There's no doubt that hotel pillows are comfortable and luxurious. They feature large, fluffy, and soft goose-down clusters for the utmost comfort. Some hotels use a combination of feathers and down to create a feeling of luxury and support.

Hotels put a lot of thought, money, and effort into the process of getting pillows. In addition to a lengthy selection process, hotels replace and wash their pillows often for a fresher, crisper, and plumper feel.

Down fill emanates from geese and ducks. The fine and soft feathers are found below the tough exterior feathers. A great attribute about down hotel pillows is that they're supportive, light, and soft. Their luxurious feel makes an incredible choice for hotels.

Feather fill utilizes rough outer feathers from geese and ducks. Hotel pillows with this fill have feathers as an inner core or insert. Less costly compared to down, this option is ideal for hotels with guests that desire firm pillows.

Hotels use different pillow sizes for their guests. The most common is the standard size as it accommodates many body types and sizes. Some luxury hotels may offer larger king or queen-sized pillows in rooms with bigger beds. They can also use the larger options to accommodate client preferences.

To come up with a luxurious looking and feeling bed, hotels employ a lengthy process of choosing a mattress, bed sheets, duvet, and pillows as well as pillowcases. All these play a big role in crafting a lofty and relaxing sleeping environment.

The firmness of a pillow determines its plushness and supportiveness. Hotels choose softer pillows for guests that sleep on their stomachs since they do not need much support. Firmer options are ideal for side sleepers who in most cases need to align their necks.

Down alternative pillows, thanks to their breathable fill, have the most cooling airflow. Hotel pillows with an insulating layer enable guests to remain warm in the cold season. Those with a cooling gel ensure guests are comfortable in the summer.

Another factor that hotels consider when sourcing for their pillows has to do with allergens. Some synthetic fibers cause rashes particularly to guests with polyester allergies. For this reason, hotels choose pillows with a hypoallergenic or antimicrobial material.

A good number of hotel pillows utilize cotton covers in a sateen weave or percale. Other hotel pillows have rayon, polyester, or lyocell on their covers. Cotton is highly popular due to its breathability and smooth feel.

For guests that desire to go feather-free, Marriott hotels provide their Down Alternative pillow. This one features polyester balls to make it as soft as down while maintaining its shape over time. The hotel's Down Alternative pillow is strictly for feather-free rooms. 041b061a72


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