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No Problem

No problem is an English expression, used as a response to thanks (among other functions). It is regarded by some as a less formal alternative to you're welcome, which shares the same function.

No Problem

Some people[who?] find the expression, particularly when employed in the service industry, to be rude, implying that a reasonable request could have been received as problematic or unwelcome. However, in the culture of younger Americans, no problem is often used as a more conversational alternative to you're welcome.[1]

The expression is sometimes used as an instance of "pseudo-Spanish" or Mock Spanish.[4] An early example appears in a 1959 edition of the American Import and Export Bulletin, with an advertisement stating: "Foreign shipping is No Problemo".[5] Its usage as a Spanish expression is incorrect; a correct translation would be ningún problema, sin problema or no hay problema. Many Spanish words from Latin roots that have English cognates have an -o in Spanish from the masculine Latin suffix -us, such as "insect" (insecto), "pilot" (piloto), and "leopard" (leopardo); however, "problem" belongs to the group of words ending with an a in Spanish that have a similar English counterpart, such as "poet" (poeta), "ceramic" (cerámica) and "rat" (rata). In the case of problema, this is because it has a Greek 'ma' ending, and as such is among the Iberian words ending in 'ma', such as tema, which is in fact masculine.

In the constructed languages of Esperanto and Ido, the word "problem" translates as "problemo". However, the etymology of the expression's use in the English language cannot be traced to either of these languages.

Austen Hufford: The state saw a 41% increase year over year in these non-college degree holders being hired by the state. It's really interesting because typically government jobs are less flexible than the private sector. They have these sheets that for every job they list very specifically, this job requires a four year degree, this job requires a four year degree and 10 years of experience, that sort of thing. Those types of rules were implemented essentially to avoid allegations of corruption and nepotism, which has been a problem historically in many government jobs, but it also means there's less flexibility.I spoke to hiring agencies at the state and they say that they in the past would get great candidates, people they wanted to hire, but they couldn't because they couldn't meet those minimum requirements.

Bruno Fernandes insisted he has "no problem" with Cristiano Ronaldo, despite his Manchester United and Portugal teammate's explosive interview claiming he felt betrayed by the club and has no respect for manager Erik ten Hag.

Years ago, I came up with an acrostic for the word PROBLEM that I used to arrest my thinking and change my perspective. This empowered me to prepare for problems, approach them creatively, and focus on finding solutions. I hope it does the same for you.

On the way, the engines arrive at the level crossing at Wellsworth, where Edward, Henry, James, Diesel and the Troublesome Trucks are fighting over who should go first, so Carly and Sandy come to the rescue. Sandy tries to figure out ways to solve the problem, while Carly realizes she can lift one lever, and have the other down. With this fix, Kana realizes she can power crossing signals and lights, before the engines continue their journey to Vicarstown. The engines find themselves at High Desert, where Annie and Clarabel complain about the non-scenic route they are taking, so Thomas has the idea to go through Crumble Canyon instead. In the canyon, a boulder runs down the tracks, almost crushing everyone. Luckily, the engines get out of the canyon safely, and the passengers loving the experience.

Expert witnesses routinely sway trial verdicts with testimony about fingerprints, ballistics, hair and fiber analysis and more, but there are no national standards to measure their competency or ensure that what they say is valid. A landmark 2009 report by the National Academy of Sciences called this lack of standards one of the most pressing problems facing the criminal justice system. 041b061a72


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