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Vadim Eagles
Vadim Eagles

APKMirror Chrome Extension - Add Features and Enhancements to Your Google Play Store

I just tried this on my Fire 7 that I purchased on Black Friday and it worked. Use -inc/chrome/chrome-62-0-3202-84-release/chrome-browser-62-0-3202-84-4-android-apk-download/download/ version and it was able to install successfully.

I have installed other apps on my Fire 8 using apk mirror and have had no problem. But I am having a problem with the chrome one. It downloads and seems to be installing correctly until the end when it says. Did not Install. I know it is installed because at a time I am able to click a choice to open with chrome or with silk. My problem is the app is not showing on my home screen or in the apps list. Is there a way to get the app button.

apkmirror chrome

Instead Android apps are shipped as bunch of APK files the app is split into. The file you have downloaded from apkmirror contains such a bunch of APK file. For your convenience they are ZIPed into one file so you don't have to download half a dozen APK files.


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