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French Dictionary To English [TOP]

When you finally find the right French-English dictionary, it can be tempting to look up all the unfamiliar words in it. However, this can become a very time-consuming and boring process. If you want to learn new vocabulary in French and at the same time avoid spending hours on Collins or Reverso dictionaries, here are a few tips for you:

French Dictionary To English

Today, we have shown you three of the most popular French-English dictionaries out there, along with the most important features they offer. Check them out, find the one that suits you - or use all of them depending on what you need. Of course, these are not the only French dictionaries you can use. If you don't like our choices, feel free to explore the topic for yourself -- for example, try Merriam Webster, WordReference, or Cambridge dictionary.

...and if you want to read news or stories in French without having to go back and forth to the French-English dictionary, download Langster. All of our stories are read out loud by native speakers, and we have an automatic translator that allows you to see the English version of any word when you click on it. Learn languages a smart way - and remember to have fun.

The Collins-Le Robert is a standard even in the print dictionary domain. It contains more entries than most of the other French dictionary apps out there, although the Android version seems to have more entries than the iOS one.

While the first two French dictionary apps on this list are cornerstones, Ascendo seems to be the young upstart. Available for iOS and Android, this popular app has great reviews and its features and interface seem to be genuinely helpful.

Most of the dictionary apps on our list include audio so that you can hear how a word sounds. But if you want to take your French oral and aural skills to another level, you should think about downloading or using a French pronunciation dictionary.

Studies have shown that image association increases retention. The dictionary includes thousands of offline images for menu items, plants, animals, etc. When an image is available an icon will appear below usage examples.

The Shorter is a single-volume dictionary which began life as an abridged version of Harrap's French Standard Dictionary (now Harrap's Unabridged French Dictionary, now online at Harrap's Online, sold in two volumes and last revised in March 2007[2]). The French version was last sold as Harrap's Unabridged,[3] before it was resold by Edition Larousse.

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The dictionary of the National Academy of Medicine online permanently brings together all of the medical vocabulary whose enrichment it must follow linked to the extraordinary evolution of medicine and its means of expression in recent decades and in this early 21st century.

Each term, each concept is accessible both by its entry in French and by an entry in English when it exists. Each complete article includes a brief lexicological definition, a more encyclopedic commentary, a reference to the author of the original publication and the date thereof, the etymology of the keywords, the synonym (s) or antonyms and a reference to other neighboring concepts accessible in the dictionary by a simple click.

Reverso Translation Dictionary is right up there with Dictionary Linguee and It has a dictionary for a variety of languages and translates between all of them. Yes, that includes French, obviously. Some other features include pronunciations, example sentences, offline support, suggestions, and even flashcards as a study aid. The UI looks nice, but it could be a little easier in our opinion. In any case, this should work most of the time for most use cases. It also comes with tablet support if you need it. 041b061a72


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