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Cartoon illustrating the Calcigender paradigm as formulated by De Loof [2]. It says that it is a general principle in the Animal Kingdom that the Ca2+-homeostasis system displays substantial differences between males and females. Females extrude more Ca2+ than males do, a process in which sex steroids play an important role. Not only an 44+XX and 44+XY chromosomal configuration like in humans, but a variety of other sex-determining systems in other animals all yield such sex-related differential Ca2+-homeostasis, invariably with females extruding more Ca2+ through their reproduction-related activities than males. Because they are lipophilic, steroid sex hormones enter the membrane system of all cell types. They have effects on the Ca2+ system of all cells and tissues, the brain inclusive. The differences in green colour are only meant to indicate that there are differences in the complex whole Ca2+-homeostasis system, not to represent quantitative differences only. Indeed [Ca2+]i is very variable, e.g. due to short-lived Ca2+-puffs [3].

Human animal sex videos free 18


There is no generally accepted definition of gender, because the concept itself is not static but dynamic [20]. According to Weed [21] the meaning of gender depends on who uses the word, in what context, and for what ends. A few examples of definitions as used in medicine or in the humanities, in particular in sociology are:

Cartoon illustrating the idea that the main difference between the various gender forms resides in the Ca2+-homeostasis system, in particular that present in some brain areas. Given that the human brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells, it is de facto impossible that two individuals have exactly the same Ca2+-homeostasis system in the totality of their brain, even if these two individuals are identical twins. This figure illustrates the commonly observed situation that the sexual thinking and behaviour of transgenders reflects more the situation of the other heterosexual somatic sex than their own somatic genetic sex. Between these two depicted extremes, numerous intermediate forms are theoretically possible. Indeed, it is more likely that not the whole brain but specific brain regions can display (subtle) changes in Ca2+ homeostasis with effects on behaviour as a result.

From the study of comparative physiology of reproduction in vertebrates and invertebrates, it has become clear that many aspects of reproduction involving (hetero) gametes came into existence long ago in evolution, and that they have been very well conserved since [7]. For biologists this means that gender as a biological concept not only has a meaning for our own species Homo sapiens with its complex social organization, but for numerous other animal species as well. It also means that there must exist an evolutionarily well conserved genetics-based system that codes for key aspects of reproductive behaviour. The link between genetics and sex hormones is documented since long. In this paper, I emphasized the importance for gender in general, and for reproduction-linked behaviour in particular of the Ca2+-homeostasis system which is also largely genetics-based. This system is very versatile and dynamic. Due to the frequent occurrence of Ca2+-puffs (which are usually very short-lived) in many cell types and in particular in muscle cells, it is not easy to determine the exact [Ca2+]i in such cells. Hence my statement that all cells of a differentiated organism differ from each other, is not based upon exact measurements. It is deduced from a theoretical statistics-based argument, namely far too many causal agents play a role.

I can imagine that without a knowledgeable insight into the fundamentals of animal physiology and development, the hypothesis that sexual reproduction results from an evolutionarily ancient sort of prokaryotic (bacterial) infection of a proto-eukaryotic cell that eventually became the common ancestor of all eukaryotes, is at first encounter perceived as both counterintuitive and far-sought. Yet there are sound scientific arguments to support this view [7]. Not only is the reproductive state a disease state, it is not even a mild one, but a death-causing state: Sex kills is one of the numerous theories explaining aging phenomena [55]. In addition, the view that the female body, the brain inclusive, is somewhat more poisoned by Ca2+ than the male one [2] may sound discriminatory towards females in general, but it is not, to the contrary. The explanation is that the beneficial effects Ca2+ undoubtedly has in the body result from the fact that short-lived rising Ca2+ concentrations ( = toxic puffs) are causal to them, e.g. in biochemical signalling (Ca2+ as secondary messenger). As an example, in many species, females live longer than males, despite, or better thanks to the toxicity of Ca2+. Females have better means to remove excess Ca2+ from their body, and can therefore better cope with the toxicity of Ca2+. Yet, decalcification of the skeleton resulting in osteoporosis that affects woman more than man is a negative aspect.

The interplay between genetics, sex hormones, Ca2+-homeostasis, the social environment and other aspects of Nurture enables a huge variability in gender variants. In this context, a major gender-related topic of discussion is the place of homosexuality in an animal population, and the way this is perceived in human society in particular. It is known since long that homosexuality, one of the many possible gender variants, occurs in several animal species. For biologists this illustrates that this gender form must have a physiological basis that occurs widely in the animal kingdom, and that can generate variability in reproduction-related behaviour. The key actors in Ca2+-homeostasis are proteins that reside in membranes: Ca2+ channels and Ca2+-pumps. Bao and Swaab (2013) attribute little weight to the role of post-partum Nurture in steering the coming into existence of gender orientation, e.g. hetero- versus homosexuality. I support this view: Nature, thus genetics, is much more important than Nurture in defining gender and gender orientation. Differential sex steroid production and differential Ca2+-homeostasis are already effective long before birth.

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