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Matthew Campbell

How To Get Unstuck In Borderlands

We had issues in the tutorial (and later levels) where NPCs would get stuck in objects (like elevators) when escorting them. We've also had issues with Jack and other NPCs disappearing upon getting stuck or re-loading the game. Sometimes we were able to resolve this by quitting and re-launching the game, but other times the bug still persisted; in order to fix it even when persisting, I'd go get myself killed and re-spawn, which seemed to get the NPC unstuck or re-drawn.

How to get unstuck in Borderlands

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He lauds the Bard\u2019s \u201Cradical sense of empathy\u201D, what Zadie Smith called his ability \u201Cto always see both sides of a thing\u201D\u2026 in short, the ability to \u201Csee truth plurally.\u201D It clicked for me: this is the art of bridging, and its unique value. It is the art of synthesis, the basis for creation and for opening up new potential, to help us move forward\u2026 to get unstuck. What is a new idea but a new way of thinking about an old idea?

I also wanted to write in a genre rarely exploited by Mexican-American characters, or at least Texicano protagonists. It has been exciting to create protagonists who hail from the borderlands and who are the complete opposite of other stereotypical ways in which we have been traditionally portrayed. In the end, a good yarn, is a good yarn; it just so happened that it was time to portray hyphenated Mexicans in a heroic and positive light.

Step 14: Now push the crate through the wall where the firegleam was and drop it down to the area with the battery socket. Sometimes the crate gets stuck, just wiggle it around or use pullcaster on it to get it unstuck.

It wasn\u2019t enough to keep me from having out to friends for a hint or two. I had the same problems I always have in point-and-clicks: either I didn\u2019t see something I could\u2019ve clicked on, or I just flat-out missed the logic in a puzzle. But most of the time, as ever, walking away and coming back later often gave me the insight I needed to get unstuck from the puzzle bog.


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