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Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell

Spiel Des Lebens Pc 1998 _BEST_ Download

One of the most annoying things about the game is the fact that it is locked into a staid, cliched view of life circa 1950. The game is driven by what is written on the board, and the fact that this never changes means that The Game of LIFE is inextricably tied to the Eisenhower Administration. For example, a mandatory stop of "life's highway" is "Get Married," and there is (Heaven forbid) no divorce. Certainly Hasbro Interactive could have made some attempt to bring the 1998 version of this game closer to reality. For example, imagine alternate boards corresponding to various lifestyles that have joined the mainstream in recent years. One of the boards could be, say, "Urban Homosexual," in which the "Get Married" space could be replaced by "Start a Theatre Company." Or one could play on the "College Socialist" board, in which most of the game was played with the student actually still in college, whereupon his career choice becomes "work for non-profit organization." Instead of the "You're Fired! Begin New Career" space, this board could have "Discover your liberal arts degree is useless. Go to law school." And so forth. While the humor would be lost on the kids, having downloadable boards like this might be amusing for parents of my generation.

Spiel Des Lebens Pc 1998 Download


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