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Freeze Tag Extreme GUI | UnJail All, Collect Al...

This article describes how to troubleshoot freeze issues on Windows-based computers and servers. It also provides methods for collecting data that will help administrators or software developers diagnose, identify, and fix these issues.

Freeze Tag Extreme GUI | unJail All, Collect Al...

If the computer is no longer frozen and now is running in a good state, use the following steps to enable memory dump so that you can collect memory dump when the freeze issue occurs again. If the virtual machine is still running in a frozen state, use the following steps to enable and collect memory dump.

Or how about a custom GUI in 1 line of code? No kidding this is a valid program and it uses Elements and produce the same Widgets like you normally would in a tkinter program. It's just been compacted together is all, strictly for demonstration purposes as there's no need to go that extreme in compactness, unless you have a reason to and then you can be thankful it's possible to do.

Kafka also exposes a plethora of operational metrics, some of which are extremely critical to monitor: network bandwidth, thread idle percent, under-replicated partitions and more. When considering consumption from Kafka and indexing you should consider what level of parallelism you need to implement (after all, Logstash is not very fast). This is important to understand the consumption paradigm and plan the number of partitions you are using in your Kafka topics accordingly. 041b061a72


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