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Jake Park

"So you can expect to see a bunch of community members, food trucks, kind of a celebration of the park. It's kind of our last hurrah of what was Dutch Jake's Park before we refresh it," said Nick Hamad, who serves as project manager for Dutch Jake's Park Historic Renovation.

Jake Park

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Amal I would like the playground to be made out of plastic. It should have a twisty thing and a splash pad so kids would have fun in the summer. There should be a pretty flower bush surrounding the park. There should be swings, slides and a mini play area for little kids to play on, and there should also be a welcoming sign. And, there should be a tennis court.

I would also have sports games and concerts. We would start a camp and do stuff for holidays. In fall, I would have the park decorated for Halloween. If it was your birthday, we would give you a present when we see you. Oh, and we would give people sports stuff.

City officials believe the park will be a shining star where children and adults, with disabilities and without disabilities, can all join together, no matter their physical, cognitive, social, or emotional development.

Therese Weyland, who lives next to the park, said she heard more than six shots and screaming before calling 911. Weyland said she thought the shots may have been firecrackers but decided to call 911 and report them.

Weyland, who has lived near the park for eight years, said she believes park violations and criminal activity declined since crews renovated it a few years ago. She said she feels safer in the neighborhood because of the renovations.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Brooklyn's celebratory parade will be this Sunday at 12:30 pm, starting by the Bartel-Pritchard square (Park Slope/Windsor Terrace). The NYC Half Marathon will take over until 4 pm on the other side of the park.Politics & Crime * Retired officer Kruythoff Forrester was accused of

As a young teenager, Jake Mazur loved sports and bass fishing. In 1994, Jake and his father, a former City Council member, were fishing on Lake Fork when a storm unexpectedly arose. Before returning to shore, Jake was struck and killed by lightning. Following this unfortunate accident, Mayor Harold Bowden and the City Council obtained 8.5 acres and named the park "Jake's Place" to honor and remember Jake.

The council on Tuesday night adopted a bond ordinance appropriating $1.2 million for the park. Additionally, the city has a previously obtained $1.2 million grant from New Jersey Green Acres Program, giving it $2.4 million in hand. 041b061a72


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