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Happy New Year Hindi Movie Sinhala Subtitle

In this picture, two soldiers are comedically posing for the pictures next to a stack of weapons and equipment. I am pleased to see that the soldiers could forget the cruelties of the war if only for a short period, where they celebrate a little bit together with their comrades. The officer on the left looks to be very happy about the coming of the new year, and if they knew that it later meant the end of the confrontations, they would have been probably happier.

Happy New Year Hindi Movie Sinhala Subtitle

This picture was taken in 1940 and to be honest it is a good thing to see that even though WWII was in progress, people could gather together and celebrate the coming of the new year, probably hoping to bring less of the cruelties of war. Their happy faces are the evidence that for a short time, people could forget the dark events and be thankful and happy to be able to celebrate together.


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