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Boxing Basics Al Gotay Pdf Download

Many are the stories of youngsters who have turned their lives around after getting involved in boxing. The discipline required to become proficient in the sport can only be maintained by living healthy and training hard. This same dedication can be channeled into every other activity in life. The strongest and most able fighters are also the politest people that you can meet. They know what they can do and they don't have to flaunt it. Many great coaches and volunteers in amateur boxing are dedicated to developing the character, as well as the bodies of their athletes. This book is about the most important thing in this sport of boxing or in any other sport. It is about basics. The book can serve as a training manual for both athletes and for trainers. It starts with equipment, physical training, goes to the primary punches, and then gets more detailed with many how-to pictures of combinations and counters. Traditional training and learning in boxing has been done without reference manuals. Most boxing books are anecdotal or biographical. Not Boxing Basics. This book is a how-to manual for athletes and trainers that can help in speeding up the learning process that transpires between an athlete-boxer and his or her trainer.

Boxing Basics Al Gotay Pdf Download


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