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VA Best 100 Instrumental Songs [Boxset, 6CD] (2008).rar

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VA Best 100 Instrumental Songs [Boxset, 6CD] (2008).rar

The opening track Zasca Cosca and third track Praha in Spring are perfect examples, still containing the brutality that is Ruins' main point of difference, but also with some genuine structure and quality musicianship. Vocals throughout the album have similarities and differences with Magma Zeuhl. The language is fictitious, and there are the high-pitched shrieks synonymous with Klaus Blasquiz, but they are much more cartoony than other exponents of the genre. Tracks like Onyx and Shostak Ombrich do show that Ruins could do the foreboding instrumental style of Zeuhl though.There is a place for the absolutely mental - Power Shift for example sounds like they got Mr Blobby involved on vocals (one for Brits of a particular vintage there), but for me the best run of tracks is Real Jam; Misonta; Spazm Cambilist - all great rhythmic tracks with a light-hearted feel thanks to the inclusion of marimba.MEMBERS LOGIN ZONEAs a registered member (register here if not), you can post rating/reviews (& edit later), comments reviews and submit new albums.

1. "Dancing with the Monks" (3:19) (8.75/10)2. "Ambitions" (4:08) an impressive guitar-on-display song. (8.75/10)3. "Shadow Soaked" (3:55) I hear quite a bit of Roddy Frame (AZTEC CAMERA) and Andy Partridge (XTC, DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR) in this song--and not just vocally or lyrically. (9/10)4. "Going" (5:03) What?! This whispy, slowed down song is not what I've come to expect. But it speeds up with some very nice acoustic guitar work so that Ben can continue to impress with his amazing vocal deliveries. Again I am so reminded of both Andy Partridge and Roddy Frame with many elements of this song. (9/10)5. "Scientific Candy" (3:20) another song that starts out as a very pleasant acoustic guitar-driven melodic ballad ramps up a bit with the addition of the rest of the rock band instruments. Ben's vocals are mixed a little bit too far in the back for my tastes. A very pleasant, melodic song that has some similarities, according to my ears, to the music of classic rock bands like Todd Rundgren, America, and Ambrosia. (8.875/10)6. "Beautiful Stain" (4:10) opens so much like a The DECEMBERISTS song but it also reminds me a ton of Georgia guitar god Jared Leach on his 2016 one-off GHOST MEDICINE project, Discontinuance. A very solid song composition--surprisingly mature and subtly complex--that should/could get radio air play. (8.875/10)7. "Insatiable " (4:48) more music that reminds me of the amazing vocal talents of Roddy Frame as well as those of jazz-pop singer-songwriter MICHAEL FRANKS and Swedish singer-songwriter Fredrik Larsson (FREDDEGREDDE). I don't much like the drum sounds here, and, again, the voice seems mixed a bit too far back in the mix, while the guitars are recorded and mixed to sublime perfection. (I really LOVE hearing guitars recorded this well!) (8.785/10)8. "Collapsed Spirit" (5:11) though I never think of this song as my favorite on this lovely album, it contains the most unavoidable earworms on the album; once I've heard this song it's hours before I can get it out of my head! Melodically, it is so wonderful on so many levels. Instrumentally, there's some playing here that's on the level of GENTLE GIANT (compositionally, as well). And then there's the incredible lyric and perfect vocal performance used to delivery it. Amazing. Such an amazing progressive rock song. Kt may, in fact, be perfection. It may, in fact, be the song of the year! (10/10)9. "Wezler's Choice" (2:55) great music with an unusual one-line vocal that is repeated intermittently throughout the song" I don't have a choice ? but you do." Again the music reminds me of Jared Leach's GHOST MEDICINE. (9.25/10)Ben "Wippy Bonstack" Coniguliaro seems to have one speed when playing, composing, practicing, performing, and singing, and that's full speed; everything about the music in these songs is fast, in hyperdrive: the guitar playing first and foremost but also the keys, bass, drums and percussion, as well as the amazing vocal deliveries of the often-complex/dense lyrics. In this latter aspect (as well as with many of his compositions) I am greatly reminded of two of my favorite songwriter-singers of all-time: Roddy Frame and Andy Partridge--(though Ben is far more fluid and melodic with his voice deliveries than Andy).A-/five stars; a minor masterpiece of sophisticated crossover progressive rock music that should be an excellent addition to any prog lover's music collection. I'm so glad (and, I must admit, surprised) that this wonderful band is present here on PA as it could also be taken as too Indie rock or even poppy, despite the complex song structures and virtuosic instrumental performances. MEMBERS LOGIN ZONEAs a registered member (register here if not), you can post rating/reviews (& edit later), comments reviews and submit new albums.

'A Night At The Opera' is the fourth studio album of Queen that was released in 1975. This is Queen's most critically acclaimed studio album and is also one of their best selling releases. It was a huge commercial success and it's usually considered the greatest masterpiece of the group. It's often cited among the best rock albums of all time. The album takes its name from the Marx Brothers' film 'A Night At The Opera'. Recorded in the best studios of the time, it was at the time of its release, considered the most expensive album ever recorded. Its production is usually recognized as one of the most perfect of all music history. All instruments were recorded in separate studios, recording only the battery in a studio, the guitar in another and so on. Freddie Mercury once said, at the time: 'It isn't paranoia, is perfectionism'.'A Night At The Opera' has twelve tracks. The first track 'Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To')' written by Freddie Mercury is a song written to be a 'non-homage' to the band's manager at the time, for a less honest financial conduct with the band. Lyrically, it's an extraordinary song that represents the best character assassination of someone, I've ever heard. Musically, it's a great rock song with good harmonies, nice piano and fantastic vocal work. This is a terrific opener, one of the best I've ever heard. The second track 'Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon' written by Freddie Mercury is a song where he played the piano and made all the vocals. This is a short song with a very old fashioned melody and a theatrical vocal performance. It has a good piano performance and a nice guitar solo too. The third track 'I'm In Love With My Car' written by Roger Taylor is a song with the lyrics inspired and dedicated to one of the band's roadies, Jonathan Harris, whose car was the love of his life. This is a great rock song, very simple and very catchy, which belongs to Roger Taylor's most famous songs in Queen's catalogue. The fourth track 'You're My Best Friend' written by John Deacon represents the first single composed by him to the band. The song was written to his wife, Veronica. This is a beautiful and catchy song with some nice harmonies. The electric piano was performed by him. The fifth track ''39' written by Brian May, relates the story of a group of space explorers who embarked on a very far way space travel, and upon their return, the loved ones they left beyond are all dead. Musically, we are in presence of a superb acoustic ballad with great guitar work and some beautiful harmonies. The sixth track 'Sweet Lady' written by Brian May is, the Achilles' heel on the album. It isn't a very good song but it isn't very bad either. This is my least favourite song on the album. The seventh track 'Seaside Rendezvous' written by Freddie Mercury is a song with similitude with 'Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon'. It has another old fashioned melody and a theatrical vocal performance. This is a funny romantic song with a superior piano work and a fantastic vocal part. The eighth track 'The Prophet's Song' written by Brian May is, without any doubt, with 'Bohemian Rhapsody', the two highlights on the album and represents also the most progressive song on it. It has an astonishing choral section performed a Cappella, probably the best made by him to the band. The ninth track 'Love Of My Life' written by Freddie Mercury was written to his girlfriend at the time, Mary Austin. It's a very beautiful and catchy ballad, probably one of the best ballads I've heard. It became a Queen's classic song, frequently performed on their live shows, where Freddie Mercury frequently stopped singing and allowed the audience to take over of it. The tenth track 'Good Company' written by Brian May is a simple and nice song where he plays koto, a traditional Japanese instrument. This is another song with an old fashioned tune, with a Hawaiian style, very nice and pleasant to hear. The eleventh track 'Bohemian Rhapsody' written by Freddie Mercury is the most known and the best song made by Queen. It was released as a single and soon became a huge commercial success. Perhaps, it's the most progressive single of all time and is really incredible that such complex song may have been so successful. Definitely, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. The twelfth and last track 'God Save The Queen' is the traditional UK's anthem arranged by Brian May. It's a short track that represents a perfect way to close this album.Conclusion: So, with the benefit of more than forty years hindsight, can we say that 'A Night At The Opera' is Queen's best album? Sincerely, I really don't know. But, it was, without any doubt, their great landmark release and it had a great musical influence on many rock genres, including the progressive rock music. With this album, Queen would release one of their most versatile and eclectic albums. Queen isn't maybe quite as dynamic and over the top as on 'Queen II'. However, they produced a very mature album. 'Queen II' is more balanced and most progressive than this one is. But, I like both albums equally. However, 'A Night At The Opera' is a great album and it's also, with 'Queen II', one of the two best studio albums made by the band. And I would even dare to say that 'A Night At The Opera' is one of the best and one of the most creative and incredible albums ever made in the whole rock music and not just in the progressive rock.Prog is my Ferrari. Jem Godfrey (Frost*)MEMBERS LOGIN ZONEAs a registered member (register here if not), you can post rating/reviews (& edit later), comments reviews and submit new albums.


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